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Focus on What Matters

Skip the long setup, start building what users care about with modern stack

Industry-standard Tech Stack!

  • Supabase
  • Nextjs
  • Stripe
  • Tailwind
  • Shadcn
  • TS
  • Umami
  • Resend
  • Supabase
  • Nextjs
  • Stripe
  • Tailwind
  • Shadcn
  • TS
  • Umami
  • Resend

Launching a new project?

+7 hrsRepo setup and configuration

+5 hrsStyle solution setup

+5 hrsSEO tags

+2 hrsAuthentication setup

+3 hrsPayment integration

overthinking & experimenting...

Let's fix it!💪

So many Nextjs boilerplates, which one to choose?

Thinking face emoji

Here are some factors to consider when selecting a boilerplate for your next project

  • 1 Tech Stack

    Choose a boilerplate with a tech stack that you're comfortable with, and that aligns with your project's requirements

  • 2 Supported Features

    Ensure the boilerplate supports the features you need, such as authentication, DB integration, etc.

  • 3 Developer friendly

    Prioritize boilerplates with clear documentation, and active maintenance. This will save you time and effort in the long run

All you need to turbocharge your SaaS launch! 🚀

🔒 Authentication

Magic links, social logins, and email templates are all set up

+4 hours saved

🗄️Postgres for DB

Supabase provides a Postgres DB, the most reliable DB in the market

+3 hours saved

🔍 SEO friendly

Sitemap, robots.txt, and meta tags are all included

+2 hours saved

💵 Payments

Checkout, webhooks, and subscription management with Stripe

+5 hours saved

📈 Analytics

Integration with Umami, Google Analytics

+1 hours saved

🖌️ User Interface

Landing page, core and auth components, and legal pages are all set up

+17 hours saved

Modern Authentication 🔐

Authentication is a breeze with Supabase, you can easily setup authentication to your app in minutes.

-> Magic Links

Enable users easily to login with a magic link sent to their email address

-> Social login

Enable users effortlessly to login with their social accounts like Google, and GitHub


Customize Everything 🖌️

Customize the UI using Tailwind CSS and shadcn/ui to match your brand and color palette, without having to code common components & pages

UI components

Pre-built auth components, reusable components, and more

Pre-built pages

Landing page, core pages, and legal pages are all set up for you to customize

Reliable and robust starting point


Catch errors at build time

Powered by TypeScript, for a better DX and enhanced code quality. It's a great starting point for your next project.


Catch errors at run time

Powered by Zod, a TypeScript-first schema declaration and validation library. Secure and reliable runtime experience.

Indie Starter is perfect for

Startup founders and entrepreneurs.

For those aiming to launch their product quickly to validate business ideas or capture market opportunities​​.

Freelance developers, teams.

Devs or teams that need to maximize resource efficiency and focus on delivering innovative features rather than foundational functionalities​​.

Developers improving their craft.

A great resource for learning through practical application and getting up to speed with the best coding practices.

Rapid prototyping needs.

When the goal is to quickly prototype a concept for feedback, boilerplates offer a fast track to a working model.


Everything you need to know

    • General

    • How do I get access to the boilerplate code?

      Right after you buy it, you'll get a link to connect your Github account to the private Indie Starter repository. Once that's done, you can clone the template and begin developing your project.

    • Are free updates included?

      Yes, any new updates or features in the future will be at no additional costs.

    • License & Usage

    • What am I allowed to do with the Indie Starter?

      You are allowed to build unlimited projects with it (commercial projects too). You are not allowed to resell the code or parts of it. You are also not allowed to publish the code or parts of it as a template or boilerplate.

    • Can I get a refund?

      Since this product is non-returnable, refunds aren't usually an option after you've redeemed access. But if you're unsure about the product, feel free to hit me up with any questions you've got. Found a bug? Shoot me a report, and I'll help you out!

    • Support

    • Do you offer technical support?

      Indie Starter is a self-serve product, meaning that while we do offer customer support for things like account management and licensing related concerns, the expectation is that customers have the requisite knowledge of tech stack used to use the product successfull

Hi, it’s Ali your fellow indie maker

Indie hackers develop many projects by carrying out repetitive tasks like integrating services, installing dependencies, and adjusting configurations. These tasks eat up time and resources unnecessarily. To kickstart projects smoothly, a strong foundation is essential. That's why I created Indie Starter kit - not just boilerplate code, but a mini-framework with best practices and optimized setup for various use-cases, from MVPs to ready-to-launch projects.

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